Residential / Home Security & Protection Services

Home Sweet Home, is the place were our family resides and should represent our “SAFE PLACE” in the world. A place that we can fell secure, not live in fear wondering if some one is trying to break-in to our home as we are sleeping or away from our premises, either at work, just running errands around town or on vacation. Advance warning is the first line of defense!

Our custom hardwired and/or wireless burglar, fire, panic, medical and gas, water & temperature alarm systems for your home is the best choice. Your burglar alarm should consist of complete perimeter protection for all doors, windows & glass break detection as your first line of protection. Interior secondary protection is back-up protection such as motion detectors, pressure sensors and interior doors…

Our 24/7 UL listed Central Monitoring Services are crucial for your family safety and peace of mind that you are not alone.

At HTS911 we offer state of the art security technology with back-up power supply and using the industries latest means of alarm reporting via wireless GSM cellular or Internet IP communications.

It’s all about service!  Not a contract.

Doing what it takes!  Helping to Protect Life & Property…

  • Burglar & Fire Alarms Systems
  • Central Monitoring Services (24/7-UL listed)
  • Communication/Monitoring/Phone Line Back-Up Systems
  • Video Surveillance Cameras & DVR Systems (CCTV)
  • Telephone/VoIP & Voice Mail Systems
  • Structured Cabling & Network Systems
  • Integrated Access Control Systems
  • Gate Motors & Access Controls
  • Telephone Entry & Access Control Systems
  • Audio-Video, TV & Theater/Sound Systems
  • Outdoor & Perimeter Security Systems
  • Intercom & Paging Systems
  • Video/Audio Alarm Verification
  • Remote Video Systems
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